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As cyber-attacks and hacking become increasingly common on the Internet, businesses must work harder to ensure the security of their online presence. It is therefore essential that you protect your website to the greatest degree and implement measures to prevent your website security being breached and leaving you victim to hacking. A website is an essential public facing portion of your business and can been the site through which most of your revenue is acquired, so don’t leave it vulnerable to attack. Much like locking up your shop premises at night, it would be deemed negligent if you ever forgot and left the door unlocked and open to intruders – similarly, don’t leave the door of your website unlocked for hackers to break into!


One of the best ways to ensure the overall safety of a website is to perform a website security audit. Performing a website security audit allows businesses to find any flaws in the website and fix them before potential threats can cause harm. This enables Wriggle Security to advise you and put simple countermeasures in place that can drastically reduce the chances of your website being a target of hackers. Wriggle Security have developed a sophisticated audit that employs industry standard tools to assess the security of your website, using many of the tools real life hackers would to break into your website. By administering these tools we are therefore able to incorporate defence systems to protect your business. We promise not to let you fall victim.


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– Do you know how secure your website is?


– Do you know who has access to it?


– Have you changed your password within the last three months?


– Do you know what type of hosting platform you are on?


– If you have had a member of staff leave have you revoked access?


– Are you using the latest advancements in HTTPS and security headers to encrypt communications to your website?


– Do you have a web application firewall to deflect attacks before they can even reach your website?


– Do you have a comprehensive back up solution to protect data should the worst occur?

If the answer is NO to ANY of these questions then you should seriously consider a cyber health check. As well as assessing the security of your website, the Wriggle security audit is built to look at best login practices, proactive security measures, IP restricted login services and more to drastically reduce your risk. Additionally, we also recommend your staff who use and have access to your website partake in our security awareness training course to educate them in the wider risks of cyber security breaches, enabling them to effectively monitor your businesses security practices.

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