Penetration testing can also be referred to as ‘Pen Testing’ and is a simulated attack on your network. Network Penetration Testing allows you as a business to understand where the flaws, weaknesses and vulnerabilities are within your network and how a hacker could make use of these shortcomings. We will be able to demonstrate to you exactly what the hacker could see, what they could obtain and more worryingly what they could then do with the information they steal or what they could do to your devices without you even knowing.  This could include (but is not limited to) watching every keystroke you and your staff make, sending emails to your clients, posting your clients details on the web without their knowledge and most certainly without their permission and / or close you business down for days possibly even weeks.

What is Penetration Testing?


Penetration testing or ‘Pen Testing’ is a simulated attack on your network. A Penetration Test checks and scans an application, system or network to identify any potential security vulnerabilities that could be exploited. A Pen Test is therefore attempting to attack vulnerabilities in your system much like a real life attacker would in order to see the penetration possibilities of these vulnerabilities. By doing so, a penetration test demonstrates to an individual or business exactly what a hacker could uncover, what they could obtain from the hack and more concerningly what they could do with your secure information if they were to steal it without you even knowing they had access. For instance, hackers could have the ability to observe and monitor you and your company staff members when you are on your digital devices, send emails to your clients, post your clients secure information on the web without their knowledge or permission. The result of these cyber security breaches could be the temporary shut down or even permanent closure of your business. Therefore, this is not something to be ignored.

When do I need to conduct a Penetration Test?


A Pen Test (Penetration Test) should be part of ongoing process of improvement and typically a pen test should be carried out every 6 or 12 months dependent on the size of the network.

How can Wriggle Security help you?


If cyber security breaches are a concern for your business, the team at Wriggle Security are here to help you. Our in house security experts will conduct a penetration test on your network, gaining access and therefore highlighting the main areas of risk. By doing so, Wriggle Security is able to offer clients strategic guidance and bespoke advice on the appropriate and necessary countermeasures to help reduce security risks to your business. If you think this service would help your business we urge you to get in touch to arrange a penetration test of your network today.

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