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About - Wriggle Security


Who is Wriggle Security?


Wriggle Security is a niche cyber security firm with a passion for ethical hacking and information security, the team are here to assist businesses with the ever growing threat of cyber security risks. After launching in 2017 we now have a small but committed team of seven cyber security experts whose main aim is to ensure your websites, systems and networks are secure from the ever-growing threat of a cyber attack.

Why is protecting against cyber security threats important for your business?


It is now negligent to assume that cyber security only affects large multinational corporations. Cyber security threats are becoming extremely sophisticated and can therefore affect businesses of any size and scale. According to the UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey (2017), small businesses are twice as likely NOT to have cyber security measures in place, making them an ideal target for security breaches. With such a dramatic rise in cyber crime it became clear to the team at Wriggle there was a gap in the market for a provider of cyber security services to SMB’s. It is easy to see why businesses are now placing cyber security high on their agenda and we urge you too as well.

How can we help you?


Here at Wriggle Security we work hard to ensure our clients clearly understand our the nature and impact of our services and corresponding security reports. We believe in providing honest and transparent advice which can be digested easily by our clients and steer clear of bombarding them with reports filled with technical jargon. We also ensure our experts commit additional time to talking clients through the findings of our work so they are able to understand on a personal level the corresponding action that needs to be taken.


As a website security company we offer a diverse range of services so if something is causing you concern please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our very best to help you.

Online Services


At Wriggle Security we are proud to offer our independently and internally developed website security audit as a online, downloadable package for companies to use. This system is unique to Wriggle and ensures we can assist our clientele with immediate action.  We have ensured this product is of reasonable cost and therefore accessible to businesses of any scale.


For further information on this essential cyber security provision see our Website Security Audit services page.

Highly Experienced


Our experienced in house team of cybersecurity experts are well versed with an extensive skill set to fulfill your needs and we assure you we will offer you a depth of service, delivered to first class level. This is not something you will find elsewhere.

Don’t Complicate Matters


At Wriggle Security we aim to make our services as manageable and convenient for our clients as possible and in doing so hope to develop long-term relationships with them to deliver consistent, cost effective cyber security solutions.



Sadly, cyber security develops on a daily basis and is not just a one time fix; it is something which needs monitoring on a regular basis. Wriggle Security understands this consistent threat and therefore offers solutions to constantly monitor threats and identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities across your websites(s) and within your networks. By doing so, we promise to stay by your side and work with you to deploy advanced countermeasures to prevent a cyber attack.

Cost Effective


Here at Wriggle we are always realistic about the cost of the services we provide and ensure we offer a cost effect solution obtainable we businesses of all sizes. We do this by carrying out in-depth cyber health checks and network security audits using our expertise and industry standard security tools.

We Deliver On Our Promises


Whatever your concern, we have you covered and entrust that we will not fail to deliver on that promise.

Our Clients


Our Wriggle Security clients range from small businesses with basic requirements to larger organisations with more sophisticated cyber security needs. We have saved our clients thousands of pounds by mitigating against the security risks to their business. It is without a doubt that the cost of our services is a small price to pay than the possible cost and reputational damage a cybersecurity breach could cause. We hope to surpass your service expectations and revolutionise the way you protect sensitive data and your cybersecurity systems. Stay safe and become part of our community today.

At Wriggle Security we pride ourselves on honouring a fair and transparent pricing system.


We guarantee that our services will have a positive impact on your business from the outset and will not come attached with unexpected hidden costs.

Lets CONNECT – Contact use for your free consultation today