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Why is Cyber Security Important? - Wriggle Security

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Why is Cyber Security Important?

It seems that more recently cyber security has become increasingly important, but what is the reason for this?

Not too long ago, it seemed like cyber security was something that only people in the IT field worried about – or so we naively thought. It is now clear that cyber security and the risks of cyber attacks are something nobody can afford to ignore! Unless you have hidden from the world’s media for the past year or so, you will know that cyber hacks and data breaches often impact a business of all sizes. When it is a large firm, these attacks can end up on the front page of leading news outlets and create a damaging appearance to the company. However, when it is a smaller business, cyber attacks can often create risks that threaten the closure of a business.

If you’re not worried about a potential cyber attack or if you’ve not thought about any form of cyber security – you should now!

Cyber security awareness

Cyber security awareness is a combination of knowing how and also what to do to protect a company’s information assets. When a business is cyber security aware, it means that they understand what cyber threats are and how a potential cyber attack could impact their business. Putting in place steps and barriers to reduce the risk and also prevent cyber crimes is incredibly important.

Cyber security training

Some companies even put in place a cyber security training course or day, to make their employees fully aware of the risks when it comes to cyber attacks or data breaches. Educating yourself about cyber security will undoubtedly positively impact your career.

Why cyber security is required

Rises in the use of technology have bought with it an increase in the frequency of cyber crimes. Almost everyone uses technology in their job in some way, paper documents are definitely a thing of the past! Data is starting to become more digitally stored making is easier to access, although this then means it is easier for cyber criminals to find – remember that almost every business has something valuable to cyber criminals! Cyber attackers generally rely on human error and also their security-penetration skills to access your network.

 What steps you should put in place to prevent a cyber attack

Now that you understand how high the risks of a cyber attack happening to a business of any size can be. Here are some suggestions of things you should do to prevent a cyber attack or data breach…

Keep informed

Stay up to date with cyber attacks that are happening or have happened in the past. Cyber security is something that everyone needs to take notice of. Even knowing the mainstream advice is super important – don’t click on suspicious links, and always make sure your passwords are secure! Don’t make it easier for the hackers!

Antivirus software may not be enough

Antivirus software is an essential part of IT security, but by itself, it is not enough to protect against a cyber attack. Needing more resources and tools to protect yourself can seem expensive – but it will be a lot less expensive in the long run if a cyber attack were to happen in your business.

Get insured!

Much like the risk of cyber attacks, the cyber liability insurance market has boomed in the last few years or so. It is something companies of all sizes need to think about! Even if you think you know a lot about cyber security already, you will need help from cyber security experts to make sure you are fully protected.