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Important Cyber Attack News in the UK

Here at Wriggle Security, we have extensive knowledge and expertise working with clients who have been victims of cyber attacks. It is now negligent to assume that we are immune to cyber security attacks. Cyber security threats are becoming extremely sophisticated and can, therefore, affect businesses of any size and scale. In this climate of digital exposure, news headlines of cyber security breaches are a common occurrence and they only ever reiterate the importance of being cyber aware.

Wriggle Security like to keep you up to date with all the latest industry news about cyber security attacks. That is why we have put together a case file of the most important cyber security news articles hot off the press! Take a read and keep yourself well informed on this fast-moving threat…


Talk Talk

Internet service provider Talk Talk has recently been hit with a record £400,000 fine for the security failings that led to the company being hacked in October 2015. It was concluded that the company neglected to take basic steps to protect customers information. The hack resulted in the attacker accessing the personal information of more than 150,000 customers of the internet service provider, including sensitive financial data for more than 15,000 people. The amount the ICO can fine companies for serious breach of data protection obligations is capped at £500,000, leaving TalkTalk’s fine almost as large as it could possibly receive. This a major failing on the part of Talk Talk and one that could have been safeguarded against by implementing simple cyber security measures.



Payday lender Wonga have recently hit headlines after news that nearly a quarter of a million of their customers may have been affected by a recent data breach on their system. The data breach included the theft of names, addresses, bank account numbers and sort codes of an estimated 245,000 customers in Britain and 25,000 in Poland. Wonga claimed users’ loan accounts are secure and their cyber security protection was adequate. A spokesperson from Wonga have claimed that they are investigating the illegal and unauthorised access to the personal data of customers and are in the process of informing customers that may have been affected. This is yet another in a string of cases that highlights the looming frequency of cyber attacks.


WannaCry and the NHS

In May 2017, a computer virus known as WannaCry was released worldwide. The virus encrypts data on infected computers and demands a ransom payment to allow users access. WannaCry had a widespread and devastating impact, but it was most threatening in its breach of NHS cyber security. Sky News reported the NHS ‘was hit with a near-£100m bill following the fallout of the WannaCry’ attack last year.See the full investigation on the NHS’s response to the cyber security attack and the resultant impact on the national health service here.


Kim Kardashian

Our final breaking cyber security news case is currently filling news headlines and it is one regarding the TV and social media personality Kim Kardashian.

BBC News reported that she is now one of the ‘most dangerous celebrity to search online. If you’re a fan – beware, because this socialite could leave you exposed to cyber crime. It’s believed her name is one of the most commonly linked celebrity names to potentially malicious online sites.

These cases are only four in a long line of British companies and institutions to suffer major security breaches. It is evident from these cases that we must remain vigilant and aware with our cyber security measures and keep at the forefront of technology to keep these attackers out. Here at Wriggle Security, our philosophy revolves around working to manage risk and PREVENT rather than CURE and these cases demonstrate the importance of such. We always aim to ensure our clients stay one step ahead and solve any potential risks before they present a real threat.

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