How To Create A Strong Password?





One of the easiest ways to protect your data and the security of your IT system is to create good, strong and difficult passwords. In order to help you try and keep on top of your security. Saying this, creating passwords is one of the simplest things you can do, however, every small step will help your system become a safer.




1. 12 characters’ minimum


We would suggest for your password to be at minimum 12 characters and any more is even better! Up to 16 is considered a strong password. Therefore, the more characters the better.


2. Include numb3r5, $ymßøls, CAPITAL LETTERS and lower case letters


It is important to make sure you don’t just use letters; most systems won’t allow you to use just letters anymore. Ideally you should use $ymßøls to try and make it harder for hackers to get into the password.

When using numbers, try not to put them at the end of the password in a sequence like ‘123’ or ‘321’. This is a common occurrence and hackers are familiar with this and will use it when trying to hack into your system.
Do not switch symbols or numbers for letters, hackers are aware of this and it will make no difference. For example, do no use ‘0’ for the letter ‘o’


3. Don’t use a dictionary word


When creating a password, try not to use words, it is much safer to have a string of letters rather than a word, as this makes it harder to hack into.
However, if you are using a word, try to add a few words at the end. But ones which do not make sense, in a phrase which you wouldn’t understand if you were reading it. For example, ‘LaptopAppleHappy’.


Trick for remembering your difficult passwords


A good and useful trick to help you remember a password with capital letters, symbols and numbers is to try and think of a phrase. The first of each letter will become your password. This will help you remember a strong password, and you only have to recall one phrase for it.


For example, ‘My mum loves her present! And it only cost me £50 too!’
You can make this into a strong password by using the first letter of every word. This would make the password become; Mmlhp!Aiocm£50t!

This password is 15 characters long, it contains capital letters and symbols. It also is not a word which makes it more safe!


For more hints and tips, get in touch with us, we are always happy to help.