Deloitte Have Revealed Its Cyber Breach





Deloitte, the globes largest cyber security consultant has just announced that they have fell victim to a major cyber-attack. Deloitte are famous for their protection of cyber security for firms.


This attack happened around October 2016, however, Deloitte were unaware of the attack for around 6 months. And has only been brought to the public’s attention now. It is thought that the hackers have accessed information like usernames, passwords and personal details from the firm’s clients. It is also believed that the hackers have access of up to 5 million sensitive company emails and documents across all the sectors in the company.


As Deloitte don’t know the exact harm the hackers have done, it is even more concerning for clients and themselves as the information is unclear as to what the hackers actually know.


However, we do know that emails from the 244,000 staff who work there have been hacked into. As their email system is based and stored in the Azure cloud service which could be easily hacked into by the security breach.




Deloitte still to this day do not know the full extent of the attack. In April 2017, they hired a major US law firm to help investigate the breach. Through this we know that the hacker managed to get into the system through an administrators account, which gave access to the company’s IT system. It was also found that the administrators account only had a single password and not a two-step verification. This goes against what they preach and therefore has cost them their reputation and clients details.


They have stated that it has only affected a few clients, and notified them as soon as they found out. In addition, it is thought that it is only the US who were affected by this attack.